Play Little Alchemy OnlineControls:

Use your mouse to grab one element and place it on top of another one in order to combine two elements and receive a new one. Make sure that the combination process goes into the main board of the game window!

You know I always enjoyed puzzle games, there is something special about them, I guess challenging your mind seemed always interesting for me. The other day I came across with a wonderful online game called – Little Alchemy. This is really outstanding game in its class, there are various elements in it, you mix them, receive new elements, mix them again, and go on like this for a while. The game is really rich in terms of various elements, items, forces of nature, etc.

How to play:

Like I have said before in this game all you have to do it to mix various elements with each other. At the starting stage of the game, you have four main elements: air, earth, fire, and water. A mixture of these main four elements gives you various other more complicated elements. For example let’s mix fire and water and see what happens, steam! later on, you can mix steam with other things and see what happens. There are some elements that can’t be mixed, in this case, you must try other combinations as well.

How many elements are there left:

Game progress goes like this for a long time, so how do you track your progress? How can you tell how many elements are there left? It is simple, just scroll down in the main menu of the game and check their numbers. For example, if you have only five elements unlocked it will write 5/580, which means that there are a total of 580 items and you have unlocked only 5 so far. make sure that you watch this progress, it is important to know how far you have come and how many items you still have to unlock.

Main advice:

I suggest you to track your progress, try to finish with one element until there are no possible combinations left. This way you can always know which branch is fully unlocked at the moment and move on with another branch. Otherwise, you will lose your road, you will forget which branch you have completed and you will miss a couple of items that have to be unlocked if you want to finish the game successfully.

Another important piece of advice would be to keep your board as clean as it is possible, try not to place too many items on the board and make it messy.

Popularity and community:

Little Alchemy is a really popular game, it has a huge online community and a lot of people play it on a daily basis. There are various forums where you can discuss all combinations, learn new interesting facts regarding it, and finding solutions together. This process of searching for new combinations is really entertaining and interesting.

Oh and one more important thing, there is a new version of the game available, it is free to play and I must say that it has tons of interesting features in it. New game options, new combinations, more items, etc. After finishing the first version of the game you will definitely enjoy the second one, trust me.

This game on your device:

Now you can download the application on your phone as well, check our provided links, both iOS and Android are supported.

YouTube spoilers:

Well, I have said it countless times before and I will say it again, it is always more enjoyable to find all combinations yourself, but if you are too lazy you can check our video guide on YouTube.


Little Alchemy is really an outstanding online puzzle game, various items, elements, objects, and forces of nature make it complicated and interesting. Unlocking all items is really challenging mission for sure, but it is enjoyable and fun. Try to find all 580 elements, check what items can be unlocked, and try to use logical thinking along the way, mix suitable elements and enjoy results.

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