Who is behind this blog?  Hi there, the name is Steve nice to meet you.
 What is this blog about?  Online games, we are all gamers here.
 Are games free to play?  All games on our blog are free to play.
 Do you need to install anything in order to play them?  Nope, these are browser games, just visit our blog and enjoy games instantly.
 Do you have guides as well?  Not yet, but we plan to add guides in the near future.
 Do you have video guides?  We have video guides, we have our own channel on YouTube.
 What kinds of the game do you have?  Puzzle, quiz, action, racing, arcade, etc.
 Do you have a forum?  Not yet, we plan to add it in the near future.
 Do you have rules?  Please check our rules page for more details.
 Rumors say that you guys are looking for admins, is it true?  Rumors are correct, we are desperately looking for blog admins, PM for more details.


I hope the following frequently asked questions were useful for you, if you still want to know more details or if you have specific questions you should use our contact form and send those questions directly to us, then we will answer you. We may add your question to our FAQ list so keep that in mind.