You know I have encountered online trash talking countless times before, it is a really ugly thing. in order to avoid the same thing on my blog, I have decided to come up with a couple of rules, nothing really too complicated here, simple rules that will help us to stay positive and happy. If someone doesn’t agree with me, you can leave, nobody is holding you here against your will, either respect the rules or leave, simple as that.

– no trash talking or rude behavior
– mom jokes and disrespect towards other people is not allowed
– using cheats, script and various different hacks will cause an instant ban
– racism or comments related to it will cause a ban
– using our material is allowed, but please include a link to our blog as well
– adding new articles on our blog is allowed, but if we will notice that it is copyright material we will give you a warning, in case of repeated usage of copyrighted material will cause a ban
– don’t share or advertise other blogs while you are here, in case of using links in your articles make sure that they are content-related
– abuse of bugs or spells in the game is not allowed and is punishable
– stay friendly, respect other players and be positive

Nothing complicated here right guys? Please read our rules carefully and respect them.